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Getting a HK Master’s Degree

There are many benefits of getting a Master’s degree in Hong Kong. Not only do graduates have better practical problem solving skills, they are also more prepared to enter the advanced industries. Hong Kong’s GSAS offers a different HK Master of Engineering degree than the one traditionally taught at local universities. In this degree, students learn how to synthesize advanced technical knowledge and analyze data. The degree requires students to complete thirty hours of course work and complete 36 hours of credit hours.

Study in Hong Kong

Obtaining a student visa is a requirement for international students to study in Hong Kong. The requirements for a student visa are slightly different for local and non-local students. In addition to a student visa, international students must obtain an entry permit and fill out the ID995 A and B forms. They will also need a local sponsor, who must be a Hong Kong resident and capable of supporting them while studying in Hong Kong.

Admission requirements

In general, admission requirements for a Hong Kong Master’s degree programme vary from institution to institution and programme to programme. Applicants are required to meet a certain minimum standard and have a good academic record. Some universities may also require applicants to attend interviews and provide assessment reports. This helps applicants better understand the local business scene and network with potential employers. For those who do not have the required academic background, a foundation programme may be a better option.

Programs offered

The University of Hong Kong is a leading international institution of higher learning in Asia. Its mission is to recruit world-class scholars and achieve regional significance by integrating Hong Kong into its global community. To that end, it offers various graduate programs, including the MPhil and PhD programs. The following is an overview of the various programs offered at the University. Each program has its own requirements, and some courses can be audited for free. For more information, visit the website of the institution that offers the program.

Tuition and living fees

The tuition and living fees for the Togel HK Master’s program is quite high. However, a student may have the option to receive a scholarship or grant. Depending on the type of scholarship, these fees may be covered in full or in part. The cost of a scholarship varies depending on the course. In addition, the living expenses will differ depending on the location of the school. In addition to tuition, students will also need to pay for the necessary living expenses and travel expenses.


Students looking to pursue a master’s degree in the business administration field are encouraged to apply for the HKBU School of Business International Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS). The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage the development of future business leaders by bringing together talented and intellectually-motivated students from around the world. These students represent diverse backgrounds, yet share the common goal of making a positive impact on the world. By obtaining this scholarship, you will be given the opportunity to pursue your Master’s degree in a highly competitive environment.